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Commercial Building Inspection
Commercial Building Inspections

Our goal is to help you decide whether your potential investment is a good one before you close the deal.

We offer timely service that will exceed your expectations. We have multiple inspectors, enabling us to perform large commercial inspections in one day, avoiding unnecessary inconveniences for your clients, and building occupants alike. Also, we employ a full time office staff, offering our clients a convenient source of information and a way in which to contact us.

Your Commercial Inspection Report will comply with the ASTM E-2018 standards


  1. Experience inspecting commercial structures. Not just a inspector dabbling in commercial inspections.
  2. You will Know the condition of your building before you buy, rent, or lease.
  3. All inspectors are experienced professionals and are members or associated with the American Society of Home Inspectors. (ASHI).
  4. No conflict of interest with the property being inspected, giving you an unbiased professional evaluation.
  5. Convenient scheduling.
  6. Commercial General Liability and Errors and Omission Insurance.


  • What condition are the building's systems and components in?
  • What costly defects are there which require attention now?
  • What expenditures will be required to repair, maintain or replace items in the near future?

If you can't answer these questions about the property you're planning to buy or lease, you should have a building inspection.

A building inspection will give you a better idea about the condition of a property. Knowing the condition of a building will allow you to budget more accurately and provide for expenditures down the road --- whether it's a new roof, HVAC or simply maintenance items.

Not knowing this information, or worse yet guessing, can have Serious consequences.

Buying a building and property is a very anxious time what with doubts, deadlines and so on. Reducing or removing uncertainties can make your real estate transaction go smoother.

The same holds true when you lease too by knowing the condition of the building and property from the outset.

Many commercial building are LIGHT COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS and are constructed similarly to residential buildings. Many former residential buildings have been converted to Light Commercial Buildings. These buildings require an inspection which may or may not be the same as a Residential Home Inspection. Frequently, one of the main differences between Light Commercial and Residential buildings is the type of roofing materials used. Other typical differences include electrical systems and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems.

Commercial Buildings and other Light Commercial, depends on the specifics of the building and the requirements of the client, may require and entire TEAM of specialty inspectors and/or engineers.

With the investment in commercial properties so significant, it's no wonder why so many purchasers, owner, and Leases consider a BUILDING INSPECTION MANDATORY.

Because of the many types of commercial buildings, PLEASE CALL for PRICE QUOTES.

760-240-2839 or 909-884-2211

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